Solution for complaint

Our company receives complaints and supports customers related to transactions at the website

When a dispute arises, we highly recommend negotiation and mediation between the parties in order to maintain the customer's trust in our service quality and follow the following steps:

Step 1: Customers complain about the service via hotline +84 38 244 285/ 028 38 244 291 or email the customer service center at

Step 2: Customer service department receives requests for customer complaints and categorizes information

2a. Recording requests and complaints related to the company, and still are in the time period of complaints

2b. Reject requests, complaints that do not related to the company, or already were expired the time period of complaints

Step 3: Solve the problem

3a. Transfer related issues directly to relevant departments for checking

3b. Transfer related issues to 3rd party service providers for resolution

Step 4: Feedback to customers

4a. Customer service department receives feedback and related agreements from departments in charge of customer complaints and feedback.

4b. Support 3rd party service providers with necessary information to resolve complaints

Step 5: Close the complaint

5a. Customer agrees with customer service feedback => End of complaint

  • Customer does not agree => Go back to step 3
  • If there is a dispute that the two parties cannot reach an agreement, it will be brought to the relevant legal authorities for settlement.

5b. Follow complaint settlement of 3rd party => Close the complaint when the customer and the 3rd party have reached an agreement.

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