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- Hallstar has been manufacturing polymer additives for over 50 years and is a market leader in the design and synthesis of polymer modifiers.

-  Hallstar can modify or completely customize solutions in monomeric or polymeric chemistry (classically referred to as plasticizers).

- Hallstar plasticizers for coating film with excellent tear, tensile, and clear: additives for inks, coil coating, floor coating, architectural paint, wood coating… with solvent base. Achieve global compliance: China REACH, US TSCA.

- Hallstar coalescence/ co-solvent agent with high-efficiency and ultra-low VOC: additives for paint and inks… with water base. Achieve global certificates: CAS #18268-70-7, EINECS #242-149-6, AICS Inventory (Australia).

- Hallstar designs and manufactures specialty ester chemistry for polymer modification.



helps formulators produce high-quality, ultra-low VOC latex paints and coatings. HECA is odorless and offers an 80% reduction in VOCs compared with Texanol and meets and exceeds international regulations for no VOCs. HECA when used at half the level of Texanol produces a greater reduction in MFFT (min. film formation temperature). It provides excellent scrub resistance and gloss to meet consumer requirements. Both US and EU certifications


products provides excellent flexibility with outstanding durability on outdoor exposure. shows little color change on aging or exposure to sunlight therefore, it can be used in clear or light-colored coatings. Imparts adhesion to many nitrocellulose finishes used on rubber and other substrates.


are high purity acetate esters used as cosolvents and tail solvents in coatings. Acetate Esters are high performance leveling and flow aids that are desirable alternatives to standard solvents. These esters are synthesized predominantly from branched aliphatic, primary alcohols in the C6 to C13 carbon range.