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- The Global Leader In Micronized Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

- Shamrock Can Offer A Broad Line Of Specialty Micronized Powders, Dispersions, Emulsions, And Compounds Including PTFE, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Fluoropolymers, Custom Wax Alloys, Natural Waxes, And Other Specialty Additives.

- Especially, Shamrock Technologies Launched The Reach Compliant PTFE Product Line, Indicated By The Suffix “-RC”.  The RC Products Complies With Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1000 Amending Annex XVII Of REACH Pertaining To PFOA Level Of Less Than 25 ppb (Shamrock QSOP-202), To Take Effect On 4 July, 2020.

- Shamrock Products Can Be Applied In Inks & Coatings, Thermoplastics, Greases & Lubricants, Elastomers, Personal Care Products, And Other Specialty Applications.

PTFE (SST series)

PTFE wax, suitable for coatings and inks with high wear resistance requirements



Polyethylene and modified polyethylene wax provide excellent slip and scratch resistance

S-379H, S-379N8, S-394MG, S-394N1, S-394N5, S-395N2, S-395N5, S-395SP5, Taber Tiger 5512, Neptune 5223

Modified wax powder

Modification of polyethylene, polypropylene, bio base wax,etc., to increase the feel and smooth effect

S-232MG, S-232N1, S-232N5, S-363, S-381N1, S-381N5, S-400N1, S-400N5, S-400SP5, Nonskid 59, Taberplus 75, U-675A

PTFE modified (FluoroSlip series)

Polyethylene + polytetrafluoroethylene wax, increase the slip of the coating, wear resistance, scratch resistance

FluoroSLIP 225, FluoroSLIP 421, FluoroSLIP 511, FluoroSLIP 515, FluoroSLIP 533, FluoroSLIP 605, FluoroSLIP 731MG

PTFE dispersion in oil

Oil-based PTFE dispersion for long-lasting slip and abrasion resistance

FluoroSPERSE 153V, FluoroSPERSE 6153V, FluoroSPERSE 966, FluoroSPERSE 7908

PTFE dispersion in water

Easy to add to water-based systems with excellent stability

AquaFLON 50, AquaFLON 52, AquaFLON 178G, AquaFLON 797, AquaFLON MG

Modified wax dispersion in water

Easy to add to water-based systems with excellent stability

HydroCER 135, HydroCER 257, HydroCER 357, HydroCER D-336

Modified wax dispersion in oil

Modified wax in oil base for lasting slip and abrasion resistance

CeraSPERSE 171, CeraSPERSE 174, CeraSPERSE 321BG

Special additives

Functional additives (defoaming / leveling / smoothing)

Versaflow Base, Versaflow EV

Polypropylene sand effect powder (SPP series)

With different particle size specifications, to provide anti-slip, wear-resistant and sand grain effect

SPP-10, SPP-25, SPP-40, SPP-300

High molecular weight polyethylene sand effect powder

With different particle size specifications and high temperature resistance, used to provide sand effect

Texture 5374W, Texture UF, Texture 5378W, Texture 5380W, Texture 5382W, Texture 5384W, Texture 5386W, Texture 5388W

PTFE series sand effect series

Sand texture powder for powder coating

PowderTEX 61, PowderTEX 94, PowderTEX 99

PTFE series sand effect series

Large particle PTFE sand grain powder for liquid coating

FluoroTex 50, FluoroTex 90, FluoroTex130

PMMA series sand effect series

With different particle size specifications, used to provide matt, wear-resistant and sand effect

Texmatte 6005, Texmatte 6010
Texmatte 6017, Texmatte 6025